Sadie and the pups

We were called because a pup and momma were on the school property and needed to be picked up and brought to the rescue.

If you enjoy driving, we need you.....

Sugar britches needed a ride to the Catoosa Animal Hospital for a check up after her leg surgery

Sadie and the babies needed a safe ride from animal control to the rescue

Daniel needed a ride to the vet

We needed food transported from OKC to Tulsa

If this is a form of volunteering that sounds interesting to you, then please contact us and donate your time......

Please call or text Marcye at 918-814-4710

Email us at [email protected]

Facebook message us at

Jeni went to go get the donated food from The Rescue Bank in OKC and bring it back to Tulsa

Daniel needed a ride to the vet

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