*** All dogs will be dewormed, fully vaccinated, and spayed or  
       neutered before being adopted into your family.***

The adoption fee is $120.  
This covers the veterinary visit, all vaccines, microchipping, spay or neuter, deworming, heartworm prevention while in our care, and flea/tick prevention while in our care. 

You will also receive a free training DVD from Petfinder.com.

I am Ace.  You want to meet me.  I am a young male and a terrier breed.  I love to play and get along great with other dogs.  I am currently bunking with two girls and a boy dog.  They are great and we have fun playing all day but I would really like my own family.  I like kids and I play really well.  I would like a house where there are people home during the day or a dog home during the day.  If I am all alone, I get board and I will go visit the neighbors and make friends.  If a person or dog is home then I am thrilled to just  hang out with the family.  I would be great in a home where I can be a part of the family.  It does not hurt that I am one handsome boy.   

I am Angel.  I am ready for my babies to grow up and find homes of their own.  I am doing my best and they are so cute.  Trust me, I know cute.  I love to run and play.  The feel of grass on my feet and between my toes.  Bath time is not my favorite but it is not terrible.  I love to play with the other dogs and to be with my family.
Howdy.  I am a great gal.  I am from the country and am such a friendly girl.  I was hanging out in the country with a friend.  We were wandering and having a good time.  Sometimes it was hard to find food but we tried.  My friend found a home and I am still waiting.  I like to lounge around but I also enjoy play time.  I think car rides are great.  I would not mind having a buddy to play with.
Need a new best friend? I am Black Berte or Berte. Two buddies and I were wandering near Checotah. We were starving and doing our best to survive. We had all lost weight and ate what we could. A person found us and gave us a warm place to stay and food. I now have my svelte figure back. I am looking for a home. I like playing with the other dogs but I have also found playing with people is fun too. They are not scary at all. Come meet me!!! I am about 4 years old.
I am bodie.  I am a lab mix.  I am about 40 pounds.  I was living in North Tulsa with my babies.  A nice lady took my family in.  My pups are all gone and I was brought to the rescue.  Since then I have been getting two meals a day, lots of fresh air and playtime.  I really like my doggie buddies but honestly I am ready to move.  I will be sad to leave my friends but will be so happy to have a real home.
Do you want a best buddy? It is me. You can stop looking. I love, love, love to play. I enjoy the outdoors and playtime. I will make a wonderful buddy thus my name. See? I have a little trouble seeing but it does not slow me down. I was born this way but if I did not have a vision problem can you imagine how unfair it would be to all the other dogs. I am a gorgeous dude! Come meet me!
Can you spare a dog bed? I have had a tough time. As a pup I was dumped. I was alone and scared. A lady found me and I came to the rescue. I was given a safe place to stay and dogs to play with. I have been learning potty training and I enjoy cuddles. I also love to play. I was adopted in August but the lady left her job, home and me. I don't know why she left as I loved her. I want a family and to love and be loved. Can you give me a chance?

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